Gabriel Rosenbach – Trumpet
Benedikt Schnitzler – Guitar
Anna Wohlfarth – Piano
Arne Imig – Bass
Leon Griese – Drums

The mysterious Hans Anselm gathered his five musicians to go on a journey towards the innerst of sound. He is an imaginary friend who inspires and challenges the band.

HANS ANSELM’s sound is often described as cinematic, combining the worlds of modern jazz with electroacoustic sounds, ambient and minimal music. The musicians strive to draw a picture of emotions in all their complexity. The focus lies on telling stories as a collective, inviting the audience to dream away.

Their third album „A Permanent Place In Between Poles Of Existence“ is released on BERTHOLD records on February 23rd. Acoustic sounds meet organic noises and dark synthesizers, melting into mesmerizing and pulsating soundscapes.

The single „Spine“ is a hymn to loop based music. And it is an attempt at processing life’s difficulties and embracing the beauty and sweetness of hope. A relaxed and unobtrusive groove embeds a delicate and melancholic melody, finally developing into an epic beat build-up. The bands influence by electronic club music can clearly be heard in this song.