Hans Anselm Quintett

Gabriel Rosenbach – Trumpet
Benedikt Schnitzler – Guitar
Anna Wohlfarth – Piano
Arne Imig – Bass
Johannes Metzger – Drums


Eventhough the origin of the bandname should better remain a mystery, Hans Anselm has grown to be a permanent companion of the quintet. An imaginary friend that looks after the band, inspires and unites them.

Obscure Companion“ is also the name of the first record that the band released in 2018. The pieces explore the entire spectrum of musical expression, sometimes loud and intense, sometimes soft and mysterious. The musicians try to draw a picture of emotions in all their complexity and want to free themselves from the need of personal virtuosity but instead tell, as a collective, tell a story.

In october 2021 the band released their second album „Room Scope Moon“ on the label „Bethold Records“.